My Story

I love people & storytelling.

Listening to stories allows me to be transported to a time and place where life's moments develop into memories. Photography has allowed me to document these milestones and play a part in my clients history. The images and albums passed down through the years become treasured family heirlooms sharing tales of yesterday. I am continuously honored to have the opportunity to preserve these moments forever in the glance of an image.

My story has taken me all over the world to photograph the beauty of nature, new life, love and loss, all while fulfilling my life long passion of capturing memories through photography. With my husband and constant companion by my side, I've gained strength through surviving cancer and in turn living every day to the fullest. I'm truly inspired when I venture to new places, meet people of all walks of life and see a feather on the wind. I believe in the power of badass women who lift each other up, a generous cup of coffee (or bubbles), and the vast mystery of what will come next. 

I welcome you to be part of my little story as I become part of yours. Lets make beautiful memories. 

carl sagan be humble for you are made of earth, be noble for you are made of stars
Things I Love the ocean
traveling the world
*in no particular order*
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